the depot_ DIGS presented exclusive and original works commissioned for the depot_ along with hosted events at the depot_ Shoreditch, 12th-29th of August 2021. 
Curation, concept development, project management, artist management and installation of this international group show showcasing 40 contemporary bold colourful artworks in different mediums in a contrastingly rustic and industrial space.
Curatorial Notes
The curatorial focus of this exhibition was to highlight and emphasise the contrasting visual languages of the artworks and the space and reintroduce these works to the public in a contrasting setting to the previous space, the depot_ Old Street. 
Works included commissioned tattoo drawings by global tattoo artists, larger-scale paintings, screenprinted found materials, textile, print and artworks generated by training of generative neural networks.
Along with the two-week exhibition we also hosted multiple pop-up tattoo events with one of the contributing artists, Prisonstyle. 
Mike Boyd
Dave Buonaguidi
Terence Broad
Dasha Ebalotnaya
Chio Fernández
Max Guther
Sara Pope
Martha Smith
Joice Wang
Amanda Wachob
Aida Wilde

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