A solo exhibition of Veronique Charlotte featuring photography, an immersive sound installation, video and a live body performance during Women's History Month to highlight issues surrounding women's rights and raise awareness. Presented at Dray Walk Gallery 18th-20th of March, 2022.
Developed by Veronique Charlotte over the past year through encounters with 25 womxn speaking about sexual abuse and womxn’s rights, FLAW, as part of Gender Project, highlights the importance of sharing our stories and potential collective empowerment as a result. 
Presented at Dray Walk Gallery during Women’s History Month, FLAW Exhibits photography, the immersive sound composition “Waves of Violence and video compilation “I am” from the interviews along with a live body performance titled “Love Bites” by Lilith Newson.
Through intimately raw portraits, the piercing sound experience and the striking video each visitor is brought on a journey from reflection and pain through to resistance and growth.
The 25th portrait is left empty as a symbol and dedication to all the womxn who for various reasons are uncomfortable or do not feel safe in speaking about their experiences and the exhibition finished with a dedication to all womxn.
Curation, concept development, project management, artist liaison, sponsorship, production, and installation of this multimedia exhibition to encourage the positive potential of sharing personal stories of suffering for potential collective empowerment.  
Curatorial Notes
I worked closely in pre-production and during installation with the artist to allow each medium to breathe and create a journey for the visitor. The photographs are suspended with fishing wire and plumbing tools for weight to pay homage to the industrial space but also give the appearance of the womxn floating. 
The print sizes and modes of installation were adapted to the space in its early stages of production to assure an impactful response in the large naked space. The guidance through the exhibition encourages the visitor to be drawn in by the stunning, intimate and mysterious portraits from the public walkway in order to engage closer with the concept and be surrounded by the audio from the video installation stating statements such as "I am powerful".
There's a vulnerability that varies within the portraits where sitters were not instructed to pose in a specific way but these were natural captured moments during their sessions. The sound installation in turn shocks the visitor with its uncomfortable seat and loud sound composition in headphones speaking openly and candidly about these womxn's experiences of abuse. 
We had many different reactions from visitors and were happy to see that visitors really engaged with the material. 
Thank you to everyone who involved in making this exhibition a reality with a special thanks to:
Stella Mathioudakis - Sound Composition
Caroline Azambourg - Video Editing 
Pedro Eloi - Graphics
The Truman Brewery - Exhibition Space
Studio RM - Print Sponsor
Something & Nothing - Drinks Sponsor
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