An exhibition at London's Protein studios engaging with expressions of Feminism(s) from the Arab & Muslim diaspora. Exhibited at Protein Studios in London, 24th -27th of August 2017, the exhibition featured a screening of a short film, sculptures, installations, projections, photographic and illustrative work by Maimouna Gueressi, Yumna Al-Arashi, Sanaa Hamid, Lilian Nejatpour, Tasnim Baghdadi, Nour Malas, and Maha Alasaker. 
Feminisms x The Arab and Muslim Diaspora saw over 300 visitors, was featured in i-D, Arteviste, LeCool London and was entirely funded by a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The exhibition aimed to open up a dialogue surrounding feminism from a non-western perspective as a response to the current events that year highlighting the still very prevalent Islamophobia and exclusion of non-western women from the feminist movement. 
Curation, concept development, project management, artist liaison, installation crowdfunding marketing and management with co-curator Lorén Elhili. 
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