Dotting the i's and crossing the t's featured artworks from 7 different artists working within the realm of typography across the two floors at the depot_ Old Street November 12th 2020 - February 21st 2021.  
Curation, concept development, project management, artist management and installation of this group show showcasing new and archival artworks both in print and textile. 
Curatorial Notes
During concept development and production the site for the exhibition was being remodelled and for the majority of the time was inaccessible. This allowed us to work closely with CAD drawings and floorplan renderings of the space in planning the exhibition as opposed to being in the physical space. This also allowed me to be on-site and assist in permanent fixtures in the space which would later affect the curation, such as the fitting of the lighting rigs. 
To allow the viewer to interact closely with each work and artist's practice the artists each had their own section and biography presented next to the work. The hybrid space worked as an office, retail, gallery and events space and therefore felt it was important to accompany the work to contextualise their presence in the space. 
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