Thank you so much for visiting my portfolio and exploring some of my work. I have been lucky to be involved with each step of exhibition-making at various galleries as well as coordinating larger projects for arts management consultants and hybrid spaces. 
My practice aims to make art more accessible, digestible and approachable for a wider audience whilst engaging in meaningful concepts about interconnectivity, collaboration and creativity.  I enjoy all aspects of art and exhibition production and have carried projects through from start to finish, growing and adapting with each project and person I work with. 

Originally from Sweden, I currently live in East London with my husband, Ray, who is a Photographer/Creative Producer. We find it forever intriguing how the Advertising and Creative Industries overlap and love exploring the interconnectedness in personal and professional projects. Ray is the photographer of most of the images you see in this portfolio as well as the one of me below! You can find his Instagram here and portfolio here to explore more further.
If you'd like to have a chat about art and life and anything in between informally or regarding upcoming projects and collaborations please get in touch with me at susanna_pousette@hotmail.com 
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