A co-curation between the depot_ and Anthony Burrill, the group exhibition and events programme titled Change Everything, was presented at the depot_ Shoreditch 4th-28th of November and the depot_ Old Street 5th November - 28th of January 2022.  
Curation, concept development, project management, artist management, production, and installation of this interdisciplinary multifaceted protest themed exhibition and events programme highlighting the positive potential of collaborative and individual work to create a better world through overtly or discreetly engaging in activist art and socio-political practices
Curatorial Notes
Curatorially my focus was on diversifying the roster in terms of the background of the artists and collectives as well as their creative expression as well as their presentation in the space. My involvement was hands-on from concept development and artists management and liaison to the installation of the works themselves in the space and contributing to the evolution of the space along with each workshop and participating artists and visitors.
Working with 15 different artists and collectives with varying expressions along multiple mediums including textile, sculptural, projections, prints and paintings the curatorial challenge was to give equal emphasis to each voice and allow participants to engage with the material in a meaningful way. 
Interdisciplinary, working with independent artists, collectives and charity partners the exhibition and programme saw over 250 visitors on its opening night and had fully booked events throughout the programme of events.
The events programme was curated to further the engagement with each artist and collective and included a paste-up workshop with Aida Wilde transforming the suspended wall in the space and allowing participants to physically alter the space along with a panel talk to discuss activism and politics and the arts, chaired by Anthony Burrill, as well as a screenprinting workshop utilising the screen, displayed in the space by Paris 68 Redux. 
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